Friday, April 12, 2013

Bucket List

I never heard the sound of the shutter go *click*click*click* but  my hands were up high. Throwing the ever gorgeous Wu-Tang symbol.

It happened. A dream differed is a NOT always a dream denied. I've always said that*, but patience IS a virtue and today I affirmed a dream. Today- my patience paid off.

At long last, my dream of being on Google Street View, throwing up the MOTHA FUCKING WU-TANG SYMBOL has come true. I, Sean Lyon Bibby, have seriously just been captured by a Google Street Car.

Delivered by time and fate, I was walking home from the corner cafe after relaxing through two Green Flash IPAs. This afternoon marked an excellent anniversary for me. More on that later...**

While I was about to come up on the house, I stone cold RoboCop'd*** a Google car taking pictures!! The dude driving had about a $100k camera outfit on his car, but he was rolling with the windows down**** and he was rocking a t-shirt.

I went into Red Alert.

(They DID JUST announce Google Fiber in the ATX you know?!)

I holla'd "Yo man. I need you to tell me RIGHT NOW that this contraption is about to take my picture throwing the Wu Tang fucking symbol  up in the air as part of Google's official record of my neighborhood". He laughed and said "yeah man, but your face will be blurred". I told him "who da fuck cares" and that "as long as my hand-drawn Wu-Tang hat is visible" it would be truly important to me.

The computer took the photos even as I was wondering what lies in front of me in this world. What other life goals can I blunder into? How many of them do I have to scout out?
Meh, Wu-Tang. I'll figure it out. Bucket List, here I come.

A life goal. Achieved. How many life goals are left? Only the ODB knows, and he can't say.

*L. Hughes did, but he was more pessimistic
** After only two weeks at my new job, my financial situation is trending upwards.
***kinda what i meant
****lol! Windows down! down with Windows! Google FTW
****i was also wearing this shirt